Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Labor Day Donation

I am sorry I have not been able to update my blog since July! My schedule was busy during Vacation Bible School, and then I was gone again. I was back in August for the Altar Servers' Picnic. I had more friends with me at the picnic this year, and some of us made it into the Herald! Basically, my time here in August was spent at the Church or the pool. I was able to get my mother to pick me up early a few weeks ago, because I really wanted to go to the pool before it closed for the summer. Besides going to the pool, I was able to get back into serving the Traditional Latin Mass (well, at least shadow), serving other Masses, and going on a road trip to visit family!

I wanted to wait until the end of the summer before turning in the money (that I raised for Divine Mercy Care), because I was hoping to get more orders. The estimated total was a little over $130 (my mother will help me on a later blog, because the PayPal thing was a little confusing for me), which would have been enough to buy a layette basket for a mother in need.

On Labor Day, Divine Mercy Care had a fundraiser called the Run for the Unborn. I was invited to be at the crafts table, and help other children make duct tape creations. I did not charge a fee, because the other crafts activities did not cost money, so it would not have been fair. I did get permission to set out a container for donations (thanks to my mother for being what she called my "PR rep").

Some of the exciting news from the Run for the Unborn is that I recruited two team members! Caroline and Andrea sat, and talked with me and my mother, and they left their duct tape creations for me to sell. They also want to use their artistic talents to help Divine Mercy Care! Feel free to place orders for them to fill!

At the end of the event, we had $31 in the "donations" bucket, plus the $166 from all the sales from Easter until Labor Day. WOW! I was a little frustrated that my total was then $197 ... just $3 more would make it an even $200, so I put in $2 from my wallet (my mother only had coins, which I did not want to turn in) and Andrea talked her father into donating another $1.

When I turned in the $200 to Ms. Gray of Divine Mercy Care, she said that the $200 would be able to pay for a non-stress test for a mother in need! I do not really know what that means, but I am happy to know how we were able to help. Thank you to everyone who has helped with my modest apostolate!

I just got my tablet yesterday, so I can update more frequently, instead of having to go to the library all the time!

Ad Iesum per Mariam,

President & Founder