Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Lenten Update

Happy, and Blessed, Lent to all of you!

Sorry I haven't been able to update my blog in a while. On top of school, I've been helping with a parish soup kitchen, serving daily Masses ... well, I won't exhaust you with ALL my activities.

During Lent, I have decided to split the money I raise from my Life Wallets. 50% of the money is still going to Divine Mercy Care (, the other 50% is going to Arlington Missions ( Thanks to the generosity of two women who donated specifically to replenish my duck tape supply, I have raised $57 so far, and I still have tape to keep working!

My mother is a Mary Kay consultant. Her recruiter, Ms. Cheryl, bought a wallet for $5, and another consultant on Ms. Cheryl's team bought a wallet for $10!

At our first soup kitchen, one of the cantors bought a wallet for $3, a young man bought a wallet for his grandmother for $10, a fellow altar server's mom bought a wallet for $2, and a lady at CVS recognized me from Mass ... and bought a wallet for $1.

At our second soup kitchen, a fellow server bought a wallet for $2.

Last Friday, my mother and I stopped by Ms. Cheryl's, so I could give her a wallet as a gift, and she decided to give a donation of $3 anyway, and another consultant bought another wallet for $5! Then, we went to our First Friday/Saturday Vigil (, one lady bought two wallets for a total of $4, another lady bought a wallet for $2, a gentleman bought one for $2 ... wait, I had $50 when I left the Church. I guess someone slipped me a donation (or added a donation to their wallet purchase), and I forgot about it because I'd been up all night? Hmm ... sorry about that.

On Sunday, we went to Missionhurst for the Chaplet of Divine Mercy and the Rosary. Afterward, I told them what I was doing, and one gentleman gave a $5 donation, another gentleman gave a $1 donation, and a lady gave a $1 donation.

$57!!! So far, that's $28.50 for Arlington Missions and $28.50 for Divine Mercy Care! We have a few more weeks in Lent, who wants to help me raise the total donation to each organization? Also, are there any other children who want to be part of my wallet-making team? If so leave a comment or e-mail me at and we will talk. 0:-)

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