Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Blessings!

Well, it's been a busy Lent, Triduum, and Easter!

A few weeks ago, after Mass, a lady bought the rest of my inventory for $20, and gave me another $10 to replenish my duck tape supply. She also bought some Mary Kay from my mother, then decided to give me the change from her purchase! So, that was $20 for the duck tape bag, and several wallets; and a donation of $15.40 for duck tape. Another lady came up, and gave me a $4 donation for duck tape.

The next day, I sold two duck tape planes for $1.

The Saturday before Palm Sunday, I was helping separate palms for Mass. Afterward, the man in charge of music ministry gave me a $1 donation.

(I'm missing a few sales or donations in my tally, so I'll come back and edit as soon as I figure out what's missing. I wanted to at least give you an update on what my total donations are that I'm submitting tomorrow.)

My total from the 11th of February-Easter is $109.05! To make it even, I'm putting in $1 of my own money. Arlington Missions is getting $55, and Divine Mercy Care is getting $55!!!

Thank you to everyone who contributed to my Lenten almsgiving!!!

On Good Friday, I served at the Franciscan Monastery. I found out that the Church takes up a collection for the Franciscans in the Holy Land. I got permission to leave a batch of wallets in the Monastery Gift Shop, with sales to go toward the care of the Holy Land! I'll let you know when I get a chance to drop them off O:-)

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