Monday, July 15, 2013

Sorry I haven't posted in a while!

I am sorry I haven't posted anything new for a while! As my school year was coming to an end, my mother and I went on trips, and I was busy making wallets before my father picked me up for summer visitation.

It's been an exciting few months, thanks to Mr. Brandon Vogt! I first found out about him because my mother follows him on Twitter. A while ago, my Parish bulletin advertised that Mr. Vogt would be speaking in our area, so my mother and I thought we should go. It was really neat to hear him talk because a lot of the things he talked about ... I already do on here! After Mr. Vogt finished with his talk, I asked him for his autograph, then my mother suggested that I tell him why I wanted to come. I told him about my blog, gave him my QR code, and he was so kind to buy a wallet from me! Well, Mr. Vogt interviewed me, and posted it on his blog

Well! Once Mr. Vogt's blog was posted, I started getting e-mails within hours! I had a lot of wallets to make in just two days. My mother sent me a text a few days after my father picked me up: Mr. Vogt was on EWTN Radio talking about me! My mother was checking e-mails and responding to them for me, so that people wouldn't think they were being ignored. (Thank you, mother!)

Besides just being busy, and not being home, we have been having computer problems at home. I'm trying to save up for a tablet with a camera, so that I can update more regularly.

Thank you again to everyone who has contributed to my apostolate. Divine Mercy Care, and the families they serve, will appreciate all your help!

I will be filling the orders that came in while I was gone, and writing "thank you" cards. After I finish that, I hope to be able to sit down and update my records for you. Please keep me in your prayers this week: I am a Captain for my Vacation Bible School, so please keep everyone involved in VBS in your prayers!

Until next time ... O:-)

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